Hawk Pump Control Valves for Pressure Price :

Product code : HWK6

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Our product is made from first class materials. 2 years guarantee against manufacturing faults.
The washing machine pump ByPass does an important job, just like the safety valve of a pressure cooker. Bypass enters the machine during any jamming and keeps the water in the pump constantly circulating, which ensures that the pump of your washing machine and everything in your circle is safe. A damaged washing machine with ByPass is very dangerous. if the remaining water at the pressure in the pump does not act as an irrevocable circulation at any moment of jamming, the trapped water will want to leave the pump where it feels weak and possibly throw a screw or crack the block in the front block of the pump. This can have very risky consequences, so do not use your washing machine with bypass bypass without bypass …

Open the inside of your bypass during certain periods (about 1000 hours of operation) and replace the O-rings on the repair kit, that is, on the work piece. lubricate the inside with a fine grease. If there is rust in the rust remover parts of the machine with the help of rust remover pasininin.

Hawk Pump Control Valves for Pressure Regulator