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Annovi Reverberi AR Pump

Annovi Reverberi AR Pump

Annovi Reverberi AR Pump Price: 300 $

Product code : A&R3



ar-rk-1520-pompa-teknik-semaAR – Annovi Reverberi -RK – 1520 – Pump Technical Chart
Manufacturer Country: Italy (Original)
Liter / Minute (lt / min): 15
Pressure (Bar): 200
Cycle (rpm): 1450
Power (KW): 5.5
Horse Power (HP): 7,5
Weight (KG): 9,00

Note: The price is not included in the wash pump ByPass! Only the Washing Pump Price. CLICK HERE to see the appropriate ByPass product for the AR Washing Pump.

AR – Annovi Reverberation Oil Care for Your Pressure Pump
Used Oil Type: 20/50 Diesel Oil
Amount of Oil Used: 0.9 Liters (900 Mgr)
Oil Change Time: 200 – 300 Hours Operation Pump Before changing the oil pump, open the blind plug on the bottom of the oil pump inside the pump and empty the oil compartment and if possible, keep some 5 minutes in the pump by putting some mazor, gas oil, old oil residues in the pump are also cleaned. Then add the new oil with the help of the funnel to the pump. Do not put too much in the oil when putting in the oil. For this reason, please refer to the exact middle level of the oil sight glass of your pressure pump. Half the oil sight glass behind or on your side panel is about 1 liter. For this reason, it is enough to put 1 liter of oil in your pressure pump.


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