Bertolini Pump Valve Price : 25 $

Product code : BERSİBOP

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Bertolini Pump Fitting Kit
There are 3 sinks on the bottom (Suction Siblopos) and 3 on the top (Pressure Siblings), which provide water suction and water pressure in the washing machines.

Pump Pipes may deteriorate over time and improper use;
When your washing machine breaks down, your washing gun and washing hose will vibrate.
When the car wash machine breaks down, the water pressure drops too much.
The Washing Machine reduces water absorption when your pump vapors deteriorate.
Your pump will run louder when the washing machine breaks down.
Why do your pressure pump’s wipes become worn and damaged, distorted?
If your pump freezes during winter months, the pumps will wear out and become damaged.
If your pressure pump has less than 15 liters of water per minute, that is if your pump is working with little water. (The water from the pump flows at least like mains water.)
If the incoming water comes from the well water, but the pressure pump does not use the water filter with the competence feature and the large size.
If the pump comes with dirty water and you are not using a filter.
If you have run your washing machine without water, sometimes the machine can be turned on without opening the water. That is to say, 1500 times per minute, the cylinder will work without water, so it will burn without friction.

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How do I change the pressure and water felts in the washing machine?
STEP 1: Open the SIBOP plug with the appropriate key.
Caution: If you use a 12-point key, you probably break the screw of the plug.

sibop 2 - Bertolini Pump Valve                       sibop 3 - Bertolini Pump Valve


STEP 2: STOPs are taken out with the help of a pimp.

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STEP 3: Remove the O-rings with the help of a small screwdriver and install the new ones.

sibop 5 - Bertolini Pump Valve

STEP 4: Replace the new valve. Make sure you get it right.

sibop 6 - Bertolini Pump Valve

STEP 5: Replace the O-ring on the valve cover.

Loctite 542 with a small drop on the screws of the caps.

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Close the SIBOP plug with the appropriate key.

Caution: If you use a 12-point key, you probably break the screw of the plug.

sibop 3 - Bertolini Pump Valve

For all these and other technical issues, visit our Machine Repair Workshop. We teach you how to fish. Now that your cleaning machines are broken, we want to end the search for the mechanic and service. Now click on the image below to repair your own cleaning machine yourself.
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The machines are of course degraded, after all, everything has a life. It is important to make the defective machine work again in a short time and prevent it from being damaged again due to the same fault. Use a little more conscious.

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